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Breeland Booth Septic Tank Inc was established in 1958 by Breeland Booth. At this time, Breeland's second son, Ronald Dean Booth, was born. The business first operated out of their home in Buhl, AL. In 1968, the business grew and began to make profits. It moved to its current location on Highway 82 in Northport, AL. At that time, Breeland and his wife had three children. Over the years, this highly reputable business only continued to flourish.

Breeland Booth Septic Tank Inc was manufacturing septic tanks on-site, operating with two installation crews and running a sewer pumping truck. In 1973, a Dozier accident took the life of Breeland. With Breeland's untimely death, Irene was left to run the business and get her three children through school alone. The boys worked after school with their mother until they graduated, and the daughter assisted Irene in the office. 

The boys later set out in the field to keep the family business, the most recommended business in the Tuscaloosa area for all septic needs. In 1998, another untimely death occurred in the Booth family, taking the life of the youngest child, their daughter. This was a devastating loss to the family, with the mother later passing in 2008.

The business is now being run by the two sons. They decided to downsize and forgo the installation side of the business to spend more time with their family. In 2009, the eldest son was injured on the job, resulting in a near fatal accident that left him disabled and no longer able to assist with the business.

With almost 60 years of service in the Tuscaloosa County and the surrounding areas, Breeland Booth Septic Tank Inc is still in business, solely owned and run by the middle child, Ronald Dean Booth. The business has four pumping sewer trucks to serve the Tuscaloosa County and the surrounding areas for their septic, sewer, and grease trap pumping needs.
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